Credit Policy & Procedure

1. Issuing Credit
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The purpose of this policy and procedure is to outline Global Training Academy’s approach to ensuring students are provided with credit for units of competency and/or modules where they are evidence by:

  • AQF certification documentation issued by another RTO of AQF authorised issuing organisation such as a university
  • Authenticated VET transcripts issued by the Registrar.

This complies with Clause 3.5 of the Standards.


AQF means Australian Qualifications Framework which can be accessed at

Certification document means a Testamur, Statement of Attainment or Record of Results

Credit means recognition of the previous studies a student has completed for the purpose of reducing the units or modules required to be completed in their currently enrolled program

Course means any nationally recognised qualification, unit of competency, skill set or short course in which a student is enrolled with the RTO

Record of Results is a record of all the units and modules completed and their results that lead to an AQF qualification or VET Accredited Course being issued and is issued alongside an AQF qualification or Statement of Attainment

Standards means the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 from the VET Quality Framework

Statement of Attainment confirms that one or more nationally recognised units or modules has been achieved by an individual but is only used where there has been partial completion of a qualification or VET accredited course

Testamur is an official certification document that confirms that an AQF qualification has been awarded to an individual. This may be called an ‘award’, ‘qualification’ ‘parchment’, or ‘certificate’


  • Global Training Academy will not require any student to repeat any unit or module which they have already been assessed as Competent unless there is a license condition or regulatory requirement that requires this.
  • All students will be offered the opportunity to apply for credit for previously completed studies during the enrolment process. Credit can be accessed by a student by completing the Credit Application Form and submitting relevant supporting documents.
  • Where a student can provide certified copies of AQF certification documentation issued by another RTO or authorised issuing organisation, Global Training Academy will provide credit for that unit or module.
  • Where evidence has been provided of previous study being completed at another RTO, university or other authorised issuing organisation, an analysis as to the equivalence of study completed with the relevant units in the student’s enrolment with Global Training Academy will be undertaken.
  • All evidence provided as part of an application for Credit will be authenticated by contacting the organisation that issued relevant documents to confirm the content is valid.
  • Credit will not be issued where there is a licensing or regulatory requirement that restricts the issuing of Credit.
  • Students will be advised of the outcome of the Credit Application in writing. Where there is significant Credit granted, this may result in a reduction of the Course fees which will be advised at the same time.


1. Issuing Credit



A. Applications for Credit

  • Students will be offered the opportunity to apply for Credit as part of the enrolment process.
  • To apply for credit, a student should fill in the Credit Application Form and supply certified copies of their relevant transcripts.
  • Applications that do not include certified documents should be returned to the student, unless originals of the copies are certified by an RTO staff member.
GM/ student
B. Review Credit application

  • Transcripts should be reviewed for their authenticity. Consider:
    • Does the transcript include the expected information on an AQF Certification document such as name of institution, code, full name of student, name and codes of units completed?
    • Has the copy been certified?
  • Are the units/modules previously studied relevant to the student’s current enrolment? If not, the Credit Application does not need to be progressed further and the student can be advised that they were not granted any Credits.
  • Where units are relevant, contact the issuing institutions to confirm the authenticity of the transcripts.
  • Where there is a direct unit match by code and title, a Credit can be issued.
  • Where previously completed studies are deemed equivalent by the Training Package to a unit in the student’s enrolment, a Credit can also be granted for those relevant units.
  • Where previously completed studies are relevant/ similar to a unit in the student’s enrolment, the content of the completed units/modules must be analysed to identify whether the outcomes are equivalent to any units/modules in the student’s course. This may be assessed by reviewing the content of the unit/module which may be accessed through the university or the student may be asked to provide further information if required.
  • Where equivalent outcomes are identified, a Credit can be issued. The reason for the Credits issued should be documented on the Credit Application.
GM/ Trainer/Assessor
C. Notify student of Credit outcome

  • Once credits have been determined, notify the student of the outcome of their Credit Application in writing.
  • Where 3 or more Credits have been granted, reducing the amount of training and assessment needing to be provided, review the cost of the course and advise the student of the reduced course fees.
GM/ Trainer/Assessor
D. Keep records of Credits granted

  • Keep records of all documents used in the assessment of a Credit Application in the student’s file.
GM/ Trainer/Assessor

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Review Date: One year after approval
Standards: Standard 3, Clause 3.5.